2020 is the year of the Kind Movie — and it couldn’t have come at a better time

Also, tv because it mentions Ted Lasso and while I don’t think I agree with all the kind films I do like the idea. There’s lots of recommendations and discussion too in the Metafilter thread I saw the link.

And while I’m at it, I had meant to talk about Speed Cubers and Queen’s Gambit because they both caught my eye for similar reasons. The first is a documentary ostensably about people doing Rubik’s cube’s REALLY fast and that’s why I started it but it turns out to be about the rivalry and friendship. The latter, I just like how it resolved it in the end.

After yesterdays watching of Vampires vs. the block, Lyra and I watched Attack the Block today. Yeah, maybe it’s the British-ness of it but much preferred Attack the Block. Am now on the hunt for similar British films… 🎬

Oh my goodness. The penultimate episode of The Boys was just so very good. Very excited for the final episode.

This whole idea of releasing one episode a week, I think it might catch on… 📺


Really enjoying Norsemen on Netflix. I read it described as Vikings meets Monty Python, which I kind of like. They apparently recorded it in Norwegian and English - which is pretty amazing. The way they speak in English, where the inflections are, adds a certain something. Trailer