Episode 23: “Yumo Says Some Name But not Others”

Yumo says some names of people in our immediate family but not others!

Episode 21: “You Eat Your Head”

Elise reluctantly talks a little about school.

Episode 20: “Elise Talks A Little Bit About Going Back To School.”

TLDR: See the title.

Episode 19: “Pizza Talk.”

Elise presses buttons, Yumo wants to join in, I put it online regardless.

Episode 18 - “helicopters “

Elise talks about her new toy

Episode 17: Dinosaurs Eat People

Elise talks a little about dinosaurs.

Episode 16: “The Family Gets Nicknames”

Following straight on from the last episode. Lyra learns what scruffy means.

Episode 15: Mr Tiny Man

Elise gives her brother a new name.

Episode 14: “Zog And The Flying Doctor’s” By Julian Donaldson. Retold By Elise

We’ve read this a lot this weekend. She did pretty well!

Episode 13: “Are we An Incredible Family?”

Bit noisy this.

Episode 12: 爸爸

A trial run of talking with Yumo… Who is on the verge of talking. He understands what we’re saying and knows what he wants to say, it just doesn’t come out right, yet.

Episode 11 - “Hi Natalie.”

The audio of a video I took of Elise talking to a friend about a book we’ve read called Journey by Aaron Becker. Which I highly recommend.

Still need to read up on how to use Wavelength more effectively though.

Episode 10: “汪汪队”

Elise and Lyra talk about Paw Patrol.

Episode 9: “It’s Not A Hat”

We talk about the time Elise fell off a swing.

Episode 8: “Cupcakes And Donuts.”

We, briefly, talk about salad and vegetables. Which is apparently our families favourite food! Who knew?!

Episode 7: “Three Frightful Heads”

A discussion of Room on the Broom by Julian Donaldson, both the book and film.

Episode 6: “We Played Everywhere”

First time recording outside and not at bedtime. We went to a ‘theme park’!

Episode 5 - “because it’s bad times”

Elise deviates from dinosaurs and talks about airplanes and cars and her grandparents.

Episode 4: “They’re All Beautiful”

Elise shares her thoughts on Despicable Me.

Episode 3: “Paw Patrol Rescue everybody, the end.”

Elise talks about Paw Patrol and sings the theme in English and Chinese.

Episode 2: School

Elise presses the button to start recording. Elise talks a little about school and why she hasn’t been going. Yumo says hi too!

Episode 1 - Unplanned at bedtime

After reading about @Chet’s podcast with his children, I kind of liked that idea. Then I listened to introduction to microcasting by @macgenie, briefly searched for microphones online, realised that for this month there’s free microcasting and decided I would chat to Elise today.

Which is what we did. We talked a little, unplanned at the moment and this is the result… We’ll see what happens next!