We travel a fair bit. Partly, I think because of our location - which makes Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam relatively short flights away but mostly because of our global family. We travel a lot to see family. The joke is that we couldn’t be further apart. We’re in China, Mum and Dad are in Mauritius, sister is on the West Coast of America and my brother is in the UK. Mum and dad buy round-the-world tickets to visit us all.

When we had just had our eldest we travelled a fair bit with her because 2:1 is a decent ratio for childcare but we’re finding that with a second child that ratio ain’t so grand. It’s a holiday, but not as you know it.

We’ve just got back from 6 days in Sanya on the island of Hainan on the south coast of China. I realise we are lucky to have gotten away in the current situation.

It was very up and down. The pools were lovely, obviously hotel breakfast is great but the much smaller space of a hotel room made things more difficult sometimes and stressful.

I am glad we did it though. I am back and feeling a little calmer about things generally. Now to start put my computer down a little more, spend a little more time with the kids and wife, exercise a little more and read a little more.

Have been promising to make this out of the back of the book Tiddler by Julia Donaldson for a while. Finally got around to making it this morning.

Episode 21: “You Eat Your Head”

Elise reluctantly talks a little about school.

Episode 20: “Elise Talks A Little Bit About Going Back To School.”

TLDR: See the title.

Episode 19: “Pizza Talk.”

Elise presses buttons, Yumo wants to join in, I put it online regardless.

Episode 18 - “helicopters “

Elise talks about her new toy

Episode 17: Dinosaurs Eat People

Elise talks a little about dinosaurs.

A morning routine Darling children all around Everyday a storm

Having small children awake from 5:30 when work is stressful is the worst way to do a morning routine.

Episode 16: “The Family Gets Nicknames”

Following straight on from the last episode. Lyra learns what scruffy means.

Episode 15: Mr Tiny Man

Elise gives her brother a new name.

Episode 14: “Zog And The Flying Doctor’s” By Julian Donaldson. Retold By Elise

We’ve read this a lot this weekend. She did pretty well!

Episode 13: “Are we An Incredible Family?”

Bit noisy this.

Episode 11 - “Hi Natalie.”

The audio of a video I took of Elise talking to a friend about a book we’ve read called Journey by Aaron Becker. Which I highly recommend.

Still need to read up on how to use Wavelength more effectively though.

Episode 10: “汪汪队”

Elise and Lyra talk about Paw Patrol.

Episode 9: “It’s Not A Hat”

We talk about the time Elise fell off a swing.

Episode 8: “Cupcakes And Donuts.”

We, briefly, talk about salad and vegetables. Which is apparently our families favourite food! Who knew?!

Episode 7: “Three Frightful Heads”

A discussion of Room on the Broom by Julian Donaldson, both the book and film.

Episode 6: “We Played Everywhere”

First time recording outside and not at bedtime. We went to a ‘theme park’!