Saturday in Haikus.

I tried not to use my phone today. Ended up writing some haikus instead. This are mostly first drafts that I haven’t dwelled on but instead was just trying to capture a few moments.

coffee and kids phoneless Saturday bubbles in cereal milk other connections

risk assessment single cough or sneeze your first thought always viral best start drinking then

but how much its all the screaming a constant high-pitched barrage I do love my kids

screentime I should put it down but what else is there to do when everyone’s screaming

nap quiet restful time when kids sleep parents can breathe want to buy a bridge?

Day 23 Bake Off on the box the trains out with the boy it’s not just one day

I’m so sorry, this is hard we don’t argue much we shout our feelings loudly at last, better out than in

I’ll exercise tomorrow one beer’s no problem ‘cause it helps take the edge off 4 more is ok too