007: 5 minute free write - Nappies

Sit down. Close your eyes. Rotate your neck slowly in circles while counting out-loud to 5. Once you hit 5, stop rotating your neck and open your eyes. Take note of the first thing you see. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Do a freewrite about the thing you saw until the timer runs out.

Nappies, we have boxes of them because Lyra sells them, they sit in a pile in the spare room that’s not really a spare room. More storage, office. I have my computer in her and some sometimes come in here to get away from the noise.

The advantage is that since both kids are still wearing them, we never run out. They wear both sizes too, which I suppose is something to be grateful for.

I remember when we took Elise somewhere and I realised that you could tear the sides to take them off. I’d been pulling them down before, which was often precarious and in hindsight, fairly ridiculous. Live and learn.

I’ll be happy when we’re rid of them and they’ll be able to go to toilet on their own. The eldest is out of them, mostly, but going out is still… It still makes me nervous. “Do you need the toilet? Are you sure? Do you want to try?”

It’ll be easier when they’re bigger, that’s not trus is it?