View from a friend’s flat. This city manages to be incredibly built up but still has lots of greenery. (And golf courses.)

We’ve finally visited the theme park 10 minutes from our house.

It’s taken 7 years!

But it’s a kid visit so the big rides will have to wait.

Despite living in China and not Japan, lots of head nodding to this video titled 12 Reasons not to move to Japan.

Drum and Bass on a bike - loving this.

This makes me miss the UK. Funny the things that do that.

Work will subsidise a new MacBook!

Should I get a Pro over an Air? Did I need a Ram upgrade?

Too hot. 105ish in F.

Today I’m grateful for air con in the lift.

I’m so tired. Such a fun weekend but not relaxing!

Hiding in the hotel bathroom because it’s 6am and I’m wide awake but everyone else is sleeping.



An odd day.

Kids have been themselves which has, at times, been overwhelming. But we’ve also travelled, had some delicious food, a few drinks and spent some time with close friends.


Chameleon on Apple Arcade is the worst. The simple jump with one press and change colour with another is ridiculous. It feels like it is breaking my brain.I’ve wasted far too much time picking it up and trying to complete the goals. Over and over and over. Highly recommended.


I love my daughter, obviously.
And it’s amazing how she effortlessly switches between 2 languages without a thought.
However, when she says chips when she means crisps it hurts. I’m not going to lie.

The parcel my sister sent from California to China 7 months ago arrived…

It arrived back in California.

At least it wasn’t lost?

Slowly getting some board games that are at the very least can be played with 2 people. So Lyra and I can play together. We picked up Onitama and then Splendor (Marvel version) arrived today.

Not bad actually!

I am so grateful that Mythic Quest on Apple TV+ is released weekly. I enjoy it so much more for that.

Coffee, noodles (not pictured), more coffee and some games with friends from work.

Loki is out this week! A nice surprise indeed.

The Daily Dad

As we’ve said before, our kids don’t owe us anything. It is we who are obligated to them, by virtue of our choice to bring them into this world. And yet how often do we, as parents, think about whether we’re making our kids proud? How often are we letting them down—with how we eat, what we say, where we work, or even choices we make in our personal lives? How often does that haunt us, the way feeling like a disappointment haunts them?

Arlo Parks: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert - YouTube

Didn’t realise she’s only 19. Wow.